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144 Front St W, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5J 2L7

Phone: (416) 581-1236
or 1 (866) 592-5292

Fax: (416) 581-8878


Optima Insurance Services (OIS) is a sales, customer service and administration outsourcing service for Canadian life, health, travel and dental insurance providers.
Deliver optimum business results through creative program design, quality customer service and value-added servicing for a select group of long-term clients.

Everything we do at Optima Insurance Services has this mission in mind.
World-class performance based on decades of specialization in the life insurance category;
Seamless brand protection and growth at the front end and fully-integrated execution on the back end;
Bank-level security for all your data and customer information;
Complete scalability, and
Your customer stays with you.